Fair Treatment of All 

oversight on police violence investigations

Have Congress direct the Justice Department to provide oversight on police violence investigations.

Although studies show that police violence against civilians is down, public awareness of these incidents due to social media and 24/7 news cycles is up. Public confidence in the police is low and that can lead to serious problems. I propose authorizing the Department of Justice to provide oversight on investigations into instances and/or reports of police violence. This could help restore confidence in the system. I will further vote to authorize the DOJ to provide training to law enforcement agencies around the country on appropriate use of force, sensitivity issues, and alternative apprehension techniques. 

Protect voting rights of minority groups

Empower the FEC to ensure states do not enact voting laws that effectively disenfranchises minority voting groups.

I will vote to provide funding to the FEC that they train state legislatures on appropriate voting laws that will not disenfranchise voters. I will then provide the funds to ensure that all federal elections are fair and open. This will include the FEC monitoring state laws, supporting the DOJ in lawsuits against unfair voting practices in the states, and providing poll watchers to ensure the security of the polling places in areas that have been marked as potentially problematic. 

Secure our borders through fair and compassionate legislation

We need to recognize the value of immigrants in our society. I will support legislation that increases the number of visas for both short and long-term employment. I also will vote to mandate the use of E-Verify and mandate penalties for companies that defy this.  

In order to ensure that our borders are secure, we need to be smart and utilize our resources to their maximum efficiency: I will vote for funding to have walls and fencing, where they would best work; use virtual fences and high-tech security measures (including at-the-border DNA testing to ensure that children are actually related to the adults bringing them here and not just a tool of a trafficker); and have adequate numbers of trained and professional border patrol agents.  

It should not be a crime for individuals to provide humanitarian aid to those who have crossed the border: Water, medical aid, and other basic aid should be lauded, not condemned. I will support Good Samaritan protection laws to this end.   

For those seeking asylum, we need to:  

  • Ensure that families who seek asylum together get to stay together  

  • Provide humane conditions for those who seek asylum  

  • Expedite the asylum process by having more asylum judges available at the border  

I will fight for legislation that would limit ICE to tracking down and dealing with illegal immigrants who have committed felonies or shown themselves to be a threat to our society: I will not support legislation that divides families through deportation unless there is a criminal element involved.  

Finally, I will fight for legislation that would help individuals stay in their home countries by helping those countries defeat their gang problems, strengthen their economies, teach small business skills to individuals, and help to teach farming techniques that would be more productive for their changing climate: All of this could be done with advisors, not the military.  

generous in granting asylum to those seeking refuge

For those seeking asylum, I will vote for laws that would:  

  • Ensure that families who seek asylum together get to stay together  

  • Provide humane conditions for those who seek asylum  

  • Expedite the asylum process by having more asylum judges available at the border  

  • Be willing to err on the side of compassion  

  • Be open to welcoming more refugees and giving them help  

reach out and help those most in need

I will vote to authorize funding for a significant number of refugees to come to the United States and be resettled here. I will vote for funding to help those refugees with job training, language skills, and initial housing and medical care.  

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