Functioning Government   

Re-balance the power between the federal government and the states

The federal government has assumed far more power than the Founders ever intended. I will vote for legislation that returns as much power back to the states as possible. I will vote for block grants on entitlement spending so that states and local governments can best oversee the real needs of their citizens. I will vote to allow states more autonomy in land usage, limiting the amount of land that is off-limits for states’ use. In voting, I will try to figure out if the issue before the Congress is best handled by state governments or by the federal government and vote accordingly.

Congress Regain power

Congress should take back power they handed over to the Presidency


As stated above, I will prioritize and vote for the returning to the constitutionally mandated co-equal branches of government. I will support legislation that mandates the legislative branch enacting the laws, the executive branch enforcing them, and the judiciary interpreting them

Shrink influence of special interests and lobbyists

I will make a public pledge to not allow special interest groups to dictate my policy decisions. I will listen to my constituents through town halls, email, and personal visits when possible.   

Push Congress to stop focusing on re-election

I am in favor of federal term limits of six terms for Congress and three terms for Senate. This would allow legislators to focus on governing instead of vote-getting. It would also allow more qualified citizens to serve in government, preventing a pseudo-permanent ruling class.  

Enact election security reforms

I will vote to ensure our elections are safe from outside influences. This includes legislation that would mandate reporting any foreign contacts to campaigns. In addition, I will support legislation that increases election transparency, such as requiring full disclosure on all political ads, whether they be on TV, radio, or social media. I will also support legislation that requires states to utilize computer voting with a paper ballot component, and then providing the funding to make that possible.

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