Principles First  

Civility and Decency

I will run a clean campaign focused on issues, not personalities.   

Integrity, Character, and Virtue

I will not campaign or vote for issues only because they have polled well, but because I believe in them and believe that they would best serve the people of the Fourth Congressional District. I will not accept any funds from sources that are not completely legal to receive from and I will not accept any foreign contributions to my campaign. Integrity, good character, and virtue are important guiding principles in my life and both my campaign and service in Congress will demonstrate this. There will be no fear that I am betraying my principles for political advantage or convenience. 

Respect for all

Regardless of Race, Religion, Cultural Heritage, Gender, Country of Origin, or Sexual Orientation

All people are created by the same Being and are alike in His eyes

It is the height of hubris for me to think that I have the right to judge another just because they are different from myself. Every policy I propose or endorse will be under the auspices of the following questions: Is it exclusionary? Does it show a bias against any group – specifically a minority or underrepresented group? Will this benefit my constituents as a whole?  

Loyalty to Freedom and the Constitution

I am a firm believer in the principles found in the Constitution. That includes the separation of powers. As a member of Congress, I will fight to restore the balance between the branches of government, making sure that it is Congress that enacts legislation, leaving it to the Executive Branch to implement, and to the Judiciary to interpret its constitutional.

© 2023 by Christina Flores.