A New Way Forward

Jonia Broderick isn’t the typical politician – she’s a typical American Woman.


Devoted to People

Many ordinary people trust Jonia because of her natural compassion and empathy. She has helped an alcoholic, a teenage mother, a struggling widow, and many others with different challenges. Since her late husband's untimely passing, she has chosen to devote more time serving more people through her religious congregation, volunteering with charitable nonprofits, being an active member of several political advocacy organizations, and anyone that simply comes to her for help. Jonia's devotion to people is unwavering. That is why she has chosen to run for Congress, because public service should always be about people. 

True to her Principles

For too long the major parties have allowed incivility and divisiveness to exist for their gain. Too many politicians say they will do one thing, but end up doing another when their constituents are not looking. Trading principles for political gain is not good representation, it is simply selfish. When her former party rejected the principles they said they held, she left. Jonia believes our elected officials should have good character, integrity, and abide by the rule of law. They shouldn't have to give up their principles just because a political party or a congressional leader told them to. Jonia therefore pledges to be civil in her discourse, treat all with decency whether or not she agrees with them, and live up to the principles she says she has.     

Invested in the Future

Bridges are crumbling, highways are not kept up, schools are failing kids, higher education is too expensive, social security is set to go insolvent, and our social safety nets do not adequately help those struggling. Jonia knows the federal government has to focus itself on the future by investing in that future. She wants to research and propose a competitive, but fair, tax system. Will work on getting Congress to prioritize funding for highways, bridges, and rail. Push for repealing more of the onerous provisions passed in federal education legislation the last 20 years and ensure all students, no matter their economic background, have access to a quality PreK-12 education. For too long higher education costs have skyrocketed and student loan debt has gone up with it, Jonia wants to ensure there is more transparency in higher education and encourage higher education to quickly adapt to our changing economy. She will make sure Congress addresses Social Security by making it solvent for decades to come, ensuring our kids can retire too. Even though it is politically challenging Jonia knows we need to address Medicaid, Medicare, the SNAP food program, Unemployment insurance, and the children's insurance program (CHIP) by letting states have more control over how these programs are designed, while ensuring all have access when they are struggling.   

Believes All Should be Treated Fairly

Jonia believes the nasty rhetoric directed towards immigrants and refugees, the rise of white supremacy, racism that continues to trouble us, the unfair treatment of those who identify as LGBTQ+, and unreasonable voting restrictions have no place in our country today. Jonia will unequivocally denounce hate, racism, sexism, and onerous restrictions to the ballot box. She will work with all parties to strengthen the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act, protecting all people and ensuring ballot box access while securing our elections.

Wants a Functioning Government

Our federal government has let partisanship get in the way of them working together, accumulated $22 trillion in debt, let foreign governments continue to interfere in our elections, and Congress has shirked its Constitutional duties by delegating away too much of their power to the Presidency. If elected, Jonia will caucus with the Problem Solvers Caucus and push the rest of Utah's federal delegation to follow suit. Prioritize paying down the national debt. Work to get common sense election security legislation passed in Congress.