Jonia's Vision

A New Way Forward

Invest in the Future 

The future of this country is at risk with unsustainable debt, skyrocketing healthcare costs, ballooning college student debt, crumbling infrastructure, and an outdated entitlement program. It is time to plan and invest in the future.  

Fair Treatment of All 

Our government has the obligation to protect the rights and dignity of all its citizens, including immigrants and refugees. The mistreatment of our citizens, immigrants, and the exclusion of refugees can no longer be tolerated, but we cannot accept the notion that open borders is ever a good idea. Ensure all citizens are treated fairly.  

Functioning Government

Extreme partisanship in all parts of the government have prevented it from functioning properly for the American people. Jonia believes it is time for government to work in the best interest of all Americans, not just a few. Common sense reforms and re-balance of power is what she believes will help our government get back to running properly.  

Principles First

Jonia left the Republican party because they abandoned their principles. Jonia pledges to hold on to her principles, no matter what. She wants to bring civility and decency into our discourse, have integrity and a high moral character, have and show respect for all people no matter where they come from, believe or identify, and ensure our nation remains free and true to the Constitution that has guided this country since its founding.  

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