• Jonia Broderick

Free Financial Education Resources

If you have decided to improve your level of financial education, Jonia thought she would help you in this endeavor and present you with some free quality resources that can help you achieve this goal more efficiently.

Fluent in Finance

The first project she wants to present to you is initiated by the Utah Stock Exchange in collaboration with other partners in the financial-banking field and is called Fluent in Finance. She likes this project because it is pretty complex, addressing various topics from stocks and bonds, investment and pension funds and how the capital market works, and stock indices, all of which are presented in videos.

The platform is structured as it is addressed to all those interested in financial education, regardless of their level. The information is presented in multiple variants so that anyone can find the way that suits them best to acquire the necessary knowledge. Everyone can see a special section designed with dedicated financial education projects from students to employers and entrepreneurs.

Last but not least, Fluent in Finance can come to your company or university. Suppose you want to increase the level of financial education of your employees or students at your university. In that case, all you have to do is schedule a complimentary session of seminars organized throughout the year, all over the country.

Utah Associations of Banks (UAB)

Another exciting project that caught my attention is the latest financial education textbook provided free of charge by the Utah Association of Banks (UAB), the Practical Handbook for users of financial services. The handbook addresses the banking system and lending, leasing, the capital market, investment funds, private pensions, and insurance. It is a textbook that anyone interested in raising their level of financial education should read. In addition to this book, the platform also contains other quality information both in video format and in educational articles about banking and more.


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